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Network and Alliances Building Meeting

This meeting started with the aim and goals of Initiatives for Just transition in Bangladesh Project, How the project started, its activities, target audience. The each participants gave their introduction by sharing their name, designation and name of organizations. After that Repon Chowdhury has shared an introductory speech about the activities of OSHE Foundations for relating Just transition with the main stream of Climate change, sharing impact and challenges of workers and
Trade Unions due to climate change to stakeholder’s platform, awareness building of trade unions, connections TU with Climate Cluster and Private based organizations and activists.All participants introduced there selves and activities they are engaged with.

Bangladesh Environment Lawyers Association, Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon, Coalition for Urban Poor, Manusher Jonno Foundation, BLAST, Greenvoice, Doctors for Health and Environment have briefly discussed on challenges Climate change , environment degradation, affected food chain, loss of livelihood, health impact and how to mitigate the challenges by addressing root causes. There is absence of national level database and study of informal workers, findings- validation on health impacts of workers due to climate change, active wings from Ministry of Environment, Labour and Industry.